My Gorman Paving Experience

This is just my experience with Gorman Paving and my opinion.  Your mileage may vary.

Things looked fine when the job was completed.  I paid Mr. Gorman over $10,000.

But the first heavy rain caused asphalt to buckle and huge chunks just washed away.  If you can imagine what a volcano looks like, much of what is left of the asphalt has those scattered about, pushing up (see picture below).  Likewise tar and chip area now has trenches where washed away.  Pretty much wasted money.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then maybe a video is worth 10,000 words.  The YouTube video above shows how things looked just 60 days after completion.

For pictures, go to:

When paving was initially completed, the asphalt was a nice flat rectangle along the side of the road as you would expect.  Just 60 days later, my neighbors are teasing me that it looks like a moonscape with a bunch of craters or it looks like the Hawaiian Islands with volcanos.  

While I am no asphalt expert, it sure looks like water got underneath the asphalt and pushed up, causing holes and also sections to simply dislodge.  Again, I am no expert, but from what I can see from the areas where the asphalt dislodged, it appears that there was no surface preparation at the edge to provide a stable vertical surface for the asphalt to adhere to.

There's a guarantee, right?  I sent Mr. Gorman a registered letter.  He responded that I needed to call Nick, his lead guy who would come inspect.  I finally got Nick on the phone and he promised to come by.  No show.  Later, Mr. Gorman promised, in writing posted on the web, to refund as per his guarantee.  No check ever received.

Current status:  Money down the drain.  Still no refund or warranty repairs, despite Gorman's promises.  I will update immediately if that changes.